8 Feb

Due to my recent transfer out of state, I will no longer be able to maintain both OkamiCon Nevada and OkamiCon Utah. As a result, both events have been canceled  and suspended indefinitely. This includes the following planned events:

OkamiCon Nevada 2013 – May 17th and 18th, 2013


For Those Who Have Pre-Registered:
You have been issued a full refund VIA PAYPAL. I have also sent a confirmation email to the email address used for purchase, stating that a refund has been issued.

For PAID Vendors: Vendors will be receiving a full refund of their booth purchase price within the next few weeks. This refund will be issued BY CHECK and will be mailed to the address on file. An email notification of the refund will also be issued.

Thank you again for everyone who has attended our previous events.

For anyone who is interested in purchasing left over supplies (including our sound system) please contact me at WHITEWOLF @ OKAMICON.COM (remove spaces).


Masqurade Opening Dates / OkamiCon Utah

5 Feb

Here are a few important updates about a few things regarding questions that have been submitted to me or brought up:

Masquerade Online Submissions
Thank you for those of you who brought to my attention that Masqurade Online Submissions had not opened yet. They where not intended to open on January 15th and that was an error on my part that it said as such. The correct date of February 15th has been added and they will open on that date. This is because I am trying to change quite a few thins over (such as email, etc.) and want to make sure that none of your submissions get lost. I am also trying to stream line a better solution for the submission process that hopefully will require less paperwork and headache later on. Thank you for your patience and understanding for these recent delays. Believe it or not, my real life comes first and conventions sometimes have to come in a close second.

OkamiCon Utah Dates
Quite a few people have been asking me regarding the dates for OkamiCon Utah. So I will make an official announcement regarding them here: The dates are currently pending and will be announced after immediately OkamiCon Nevada or at the event. I know some of you may think that this is cutting it a little short but there is a reason for it. I know you are all very excited to know when it is but you are just going to need to sit tight for a while longer.

Thank you very one for all your help and sorry things been falling a little behind. Like I said, my real life has been super busy that is just how it is. Remember that you can now pre-register for your badge to OkamiCon Nevada 2013 so don’t forget to sign up!

Event Updates and Pre-Registration Now Open!

1 Feb

Hey guys!

After a slight delay to that nasty flu bug that has been going around, Pre-Registration opened a little later than previously announced (which was Jan 15th) but it is now open and ready to go!

May 17th – Day One
Early Registration & Badge Pickup: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Event Time: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
Single Day Pre-Registration: $20.00
Single Day At Door: $25.00

May 18th – Day Two
Early Registration & Badge Pickup: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Event Time: 11:00AM – 8:00PM
Single Day Pre-Registration: $20.00
Single Day At Door: $25.00

With pre-registration, you will be able to buy either the Single Day Pass (good for one day of your choice) or Double Day Pass (good for the whole weekend.) Due to the large amount of pre-registration we tend to get and because we are going two days this year, we will not  be doing customizable badges. 

Event Updates

Our special event programing page has been updated with information for the KOMA Gaming Tournament. This year they will be holding both a free-to-play tournament as well as a paid-to-play tournament. The PTP tournament will involve a cash prize so it will be worth it. Please see our webpage for details which will also link to their facebook page which has the current gaming roster.

Vendor Registration

Starting on Monday (or sooner if I get to it), I will be sending out emails to all previous vendors regarding participating in this year’s Double Vendor Rooms. We still have plenty of spaces available so if you are interested, get in early for prime spacing in or Falcon East Room.

Booth Info:
A 10’x10′ Booth will include 1 Table, 2 Chairs and Table Covering.
A 10’x20′ Booth will include 2 Tables and 2 Additional Chairs (If desired) and Table Coverings.
All Booths Include: 2 Convention Passes, Temporary Nevada Sales Tax License, OkamiCon Exhibitor Packet.

Additional badges will need to be purchased at the front desk at full convention price or through online pre-registration.

Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Grand Falcon Exhibit Hall
Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Sunset Mesa Exhibit Hall
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x10’ Booth: $175.00 (Includes Both Days)
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x20’ Booth: $300.00 (Includes Both Days

Starting The New Year – Anime SG Will All Be OkamiCon

12 Dec

This is now official notice as to not to confuse anyone in the very near future: Starting January 1st, 2013, the URL for Anime St. George webpage and blog ( and respectively) will no longer be functional. After that date, you will need to go to the main OkamiCon Webpage ( for both OkamiCon Utah and OkamiCon Nevada information, registration, etc. Both pages for Utah and Nevada are separated so simply click the link on the splash page for the one you wish to visit.

That also being sad, all of our other social media accounts for Anime SG are also going to be deleted or closed starting the first of the year. This includes the ASG WordPress Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I have tried to encourage everyone to follow our new social media pages for OkamiCon and post announcements that the others will be closing, however, people still insist on liking, following or subscribing to ones that are no longer updated.

If you have not yet liked the new OkamiCon Facebook or Twitter, you can do so by following the little feeds here on the main page of this blog (OkamiCon Blog) or by the feeds from the OkamiCon Webpage.

Also, for those who are curious, the photos from the Anime St. George Facebook Albums have all been moved over to OkamiCon so please feel free to go and re-tag yourself or your friends.

OkamiCon Nevada 2013 Vendor Registration Open!

4 Dec

Sorry for the late update on this guys. Life has been super busy because of the holidays and I needed to take care of of my ‘day job’ before setting up and designing the vendor maps for OkamiCon Nevada 2013.

So for those of you who have been waiting to snag yourself a booth at our new location (The Holiday Inn Express in Mesquite), now is your chance! Vendor Registration will be open from now until April 30th, 2013 or until they are sold out.

New This Year: We are now featuring triple spaces! Get more bang for your buck on compatible triple spaces. Spaces on our map can to be sold as a single spaces (10×10), double spaces (10×20) or triple spaces (10×30). Triple spaces will usually be sold in an “L” formation so please see the vendor’s map for spaces that can be turned into doubles or triples.

You can Register your booth now on the OkamiCon Nevada Vendor Page. An option to add a company website, eBay page, deviantART or other personal website has also been added when buying your space.

Booth Info:
A 10’x10′ Booth will include 1 Table, 2 Chairs and Table Covering.
A 10’x20′ Booth will include 2 Tables and 2 Additional Chairs (If desired) and Table Coverings.
A 10’x30′ Booth will include 3 Tables 2 Additional Chairs (if desired) and Table Coverings.
All Booths Include: 2 Convention Passes, Temporary Nevada Sales Tax License, OkamiCon Exhibitor Packet.
NOTE: 10×30 Booths are available on compatible spaces only and are subject to availability. Please see booth availability map for compatible spaces.

Additional badges will need to be purchased at the front desk at full convention price or through online pre-registration.

Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Grand Flacon Exhibit Hall
Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Sunset Mesa Exhibit Hall

Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x10’ Booth: $175.00 (Includes Both Days)
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x20’ Booth: $300.00 (Includes Both Days)
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x30’ Booth: $450.00 (Includes Both Days)

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions
I would like a Vendor’s Booth. Can you reserve a space for me?

Vendor Spaces will be reserved after confirmation of payment. We cannot hold or reserve spaces otherwise.

Do You Still Have Vendor Spaces Available? // How Much Are Vendor Spaces?
You can find complete information on our Dealer and Artists spaces by visiting our Vendors Page. You will find pricing information, current vendors, a map of our Exhibit Hall with available spaces and more.

Can I reserve a certain space on the Exhibit Hall map?
Individual vendor spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may request a particular space on the map if it is available, but we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned that particular space.

What items cannot be sold at my booth?
The following items are restricted for sale by vendors at OkamiCon Nevada:
Steel or metal swords/weaponry
-Guns and ammunition
-Food and beverage (including pre-packaged items)
-Adult X-Rated Content and Merchandise (i.e. Hentai)
-Raffle/lottery tickets or other games of chance that require a fee
-Pirated or illegal copies of official copyrighted merchandise

Can I sell wooden/bamboo practice swords, plastic cosplay props or other similar items at my booth?
Yes. We do allow the sale of wooden or bamboo swords, large plastic props and other like items that are not on the restricted list. If you are not sure whether or not your merchandise is restricted, please do not hesitate to contact us.


OkamiCon Nevada Dates for 2013

16 Nov

So the moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. It took a little longer then expected because life sometimes likes to jump out and kick you in the gonads. However, despite a busy work life, some nasty bug I still haven’t quite gotten rid of, and temperamental HTML code, the new OkamiCon Nevada website is up and functional along with the new dates for next year.

Things were a bit touch and go there for a while and there was a moment when I thought we would have to be suspended a year but everything has worked out quite pleasantly. We now have a new home and new double dates for your fandom enjoyment.

So the new dates for OkamiCon Nevada 2013 are…*drum roll*

May 17th & 18th, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Express

Unfortunately we will not be returning to Casablanca as they wanted me to sell a kidney to pay for the rooms. While I know a person can function with only one kidney, I would rather leave both of them intact and where they are so, that is why we have changed locations (for those who are curious). The Holiday Inn Express has been fabulous in working with us so far and we will pretty much be taking over the entire lobby and meeting areas. So far we have:

  • Two Vendor Rooms (Sunset Mesa and Falcon West)
  • Activity and Event Room (Falcon East)
  • Screening Room (Arcade Room)

Yes, you did read that correctly. Screenings will take place in the Arcade which is being set up to fit our needs. Also, for those of you who are staying at the hotel, you will be eating breakfast in the same area that will be set up to be our Activity and Events Room. A rather entertain and curious fact.

Regarding Vendors: I am still waiting on a layout of the Exhibit halls so I can put together a vendor map for both rooms. Booth registration should be opening around November 30th, give or take a few days.

So the OkamiCon Nevada webpage has been completely redesigned and updated with the new information. The design has it’s own special flare while still having a uniform layout to match the OkamiCon Utah page. Also, the OkamiCon.Com splash page will now give you an option to choose which convention page you would live to view (either Utah or Nevada).

There are still a few things that need to be done and updated which I will get to once I start feeling better:

  • Okami Promotions Webpage (need to update event information)
  • OkamiCon Utah Page (new dates, event information, etc.)
  • OkamiCon Blog (change a few things around to reflect both conventions)

As I am sure you have already noticed, the blog has a new look itself. There are still some updates that need to be made with the  blog pages as I am going to change them completely around, but that will come in the next few weeks.


OkamiCorner Episode 8: Peaches and Cosplay

1 Sep

OkamiCorner is back and this time, A x e l – F is cosplay for Peach Days 2012!


One Page, One Mind

26 Aug

I like how Facebook gets smart, then stupid and then becomes smart again. While exploring the settings of my various Facebook pages for Anime SG and OkamiCon Nevada, I came across something that was not there before; the ability to change the username of one of your pages ONCE. This magical ability was not granted to us before. However, this gave me the perfect opportunity to fix an issue that had been bothering me for a little while…

Back when I created the first OkamiCon Page (OkamiCon Nevada) the username/Facebook URL ‘OkamiCon’ was taken by another short lived group who had sense changed their name and abandoned the page after they realized that there was already an OkamiCon present. As such, I grabbed up the username OkamiConNV. I had no notions of changing Anime SG to OkamiCon Utah at the time so it was fine.

However, now that we have OkamiCon Utah on the way, as well as the possibility of having an OkamiCon Arizona in the distant future, I was faced with a predicament; I did not want to have to manage all these different face book pages for all of these events but I could not all send them to OkamiConNV. Then I discovered the ability to CHANGE the Username of the ever growing OkamiCon Nevada page. Now I have the ability to consolidate everything all into one!

So now, the Facebook page that you have known the past few months as OkamiCon Nevada has been renamed back to plain ol’ OkamiCon and the URL has changed to OkamiConConventions. All of those who have already gone ahead and liked our OkamiCon Utah page, please go ahead and like the new standard OkamiCon Facebook Page.

Thanks everyone for being patient while we fix things around and get them settled! Remember to come to next month’s event Anime St. George at the Best Western Abbey Inn on September 29th, 2012 in St. George Utah! The dates for OkamiCon Nevada 2013 will be announced then!


OkamiCorner Episode 6 – Pioneer Parade!

24 Jul

A x e l – F goes out on location for the first time! Watch her coverage of a parade for Pioneer Days! Come hang out at the next upcoming parade and you might be lucky enough to get one of her awesome post cards! 😀


OkamiCorner Episode 5 – Viewer Mail #1

14 Jul

You have been sending in your questions and comments and now I read them off in this episode of OkamiCorner!