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Official Webpage Will Soon Be Up

31 Aug

For those who have been waiting for an actual official webpage for OkamiCon will only have to way a short time longer. I have already completed the design of the OkamiCon website and will be putting the pages together over the next week or so. The reason for the delay is that we are currently changing web hosts and I didn’t want to upload a new webpage on an old host that I will just have to drag over again anyways. Anime St. George website is also in the process of being revamped during the move so it takes a bit more of a priority then OkamiCon (simply because Anime SG is coming up fast on the 24th of Sept.)

However, all the same, you can expect OkamiCon to go live shortly. I also plan on going out to our desired venue either this weekend or next weekend and set down a date and contract. After that, then things will really get rolling and you can have some more solid information about OkamiCon Utah.

Until then, thanks for reading and look for new updates coming soon!


Busy Busy Day

24 Aug

Oi…today has been a busy and hectic day. I was up early and got an early start on my preparations for Anime St. George 2011. I had a mess of paper work that I needed to fill out and get sent in, fires to put out and event schedules to confirm. Thankfully, the shitload of FUNimation anime I ordered from Right Stuf came in a day early so I’m happy. 😀 I also plan on vegetating in front of my TV and DVD player for the rest of the day so my brain doesn’t explode from work.

As for OkamiCon, it seems we are slowly starting to build a following on Twitter and here on the Blog.  Unfortunately, Facebook is a little harder to build a following on account I think the bulk of my friends are still a little pissy* that one of my past events Anime Bonanza will not be returning for a second year. Reno, NV is simply too far for me to drive from Southern Utah, thus the creation of OkamiCon Utah to take the place of Anime Bonanza a little closer to home. I already have a date in mind for the event and I’m going to start calling around in the next few weeks to see if I can find an appropriate venue. Cedar City doesn’t offer a lot as far as venue space but there are a few promising prospects so I’m sure we will find a home to plant our roots. I also hope to get a website for OkamiCon up in the next few weeks as well but until then, the pages here on the blog will help serve as a primary source of event information until I can start setting solid dates, times and venues.

Well, I’m off for now to start mellowing with my complete series of Fullmetal Alchemist and Gun x Sword. Until next time!



*Either that or they just don’t pay any attention to invite requests. =_=

Rising From The Ashes

22 Aug

It has only been a few hours since the announcement was  made that Anime Bonanza would be suspended indefinitely. Since the announcement was made, I have been working hard to try and get the social media aspect of OkamiCon off the ground. Even though a date and venue for OkamiCon Utah will not be announced until after Anime St. George 2011, I have always been one who plans ahead. I would like to be able to tape into the growing Anime SG crowed and the lingering Anime Bonanza crowed to help make OkamiCon great.

Event though it will be a few more weeks before I establish the official website and get everything up and running the way that I like, this blog is mostly complete (aside from event information which I simply do not have yet.) Even though it may seem a little empty now, I’m sure it will grow very quickly and soon be filled with many posts and event schedules.

With the end, there is always a beginning….

Welcome everyone to the new OkamiCon blog.