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Website Completed!

15 Sep

At last…after a two days of slaving away in front of my computer (and after a few system bombs), I have at long last completed the OkamiCon website! It is now fully fictional (save for exhibitor and pre-registration not open) and it has already been directed to it’s proper URL.

From now on, will go to our official event site and will redirect here to the blog. The event listings and information for OkamiCon have also been updated on the Okami Promotions webpage.

Because OkamiCon doesn’t have a humanoid mascot like Anime SG or the Late Anime Bonanza, the webpage design was completely different then the designs I have made for our previous event pages. Instead, it has more of the same look and feel of Okami Promotions company page then Anime SG or Anime Bonanza. Infact, I had originally created the draft page of OkamiCon first, and then created the Okami Promotions page using the template. That is one of the reasons why they look so similar; that and I wanted something completely different than what I previously had.

All and all, I am happy with the design. I enjoy having the social media buttons on the menu as well as having the menu on the side bar. Like Anime SG, it has a dark color theme, and it is blue…very blue. Like a-smurf-just-thew-up-all-over-it blue. Don’t worry. There may be a hellva lot of blue, but it is wonderfully easy on the eyes. 😉

Unfortunately, I need a lot more to survive than universe juice, so I am off now to go stuff my face with whatever tasty love I can find. Until next time!


Date and Venue Decided!

14 Sep

Hey everyone! Sorry for the extended delay in posts and updates lately. My life has just been madness (This is Sparta! *boot*) so as a result, it has taken me a little longer to get everything together.

The original plan was to have a convention titled OkamiCon Utah and to have a location here in Utah with a time in the summer around August-ish. Well, as change would have it, our previous venue fell through and everything had to be reformulated (thus the main reason for the delay in information). Now instead of going under the title of OkamiCon Utah, we are just plain OkamiCon and instead of holding our convention in Utah, we have  found a nice cozy little place in Mesquite, NV!

What: OkamiCon
When: May 19th, 2012
Where: CasaBlanca Resort
City: Mesquite, NV

OkamiCon will be the first of the Okami Promotions hosted event to be at a genuine hotel/resort and casino. Unlike Anime SG, OkamiCon will be a multi-genre event that focuses on Anime, Comics and Video Games. That way we can have a little something for everyone; not just for the anime fans out there.

The website is going to take a little longer then expected to get up and running simply because I did not have the necessary date and venue information which determines the bulk of the content that is on the website. However, it will be completed in time for the Official OkamiCon Announcement taking place at Anime St. George 2011.

Date and Venue in the Works

3 Sep

So I drove up to Cedar City today (with my mother and sister’s in tow) to check out the area and decide on a venue for OkamiCon Utah. After poking around for a bit and talking to about five different places, we finally found a place that is big enough to hold our convention. After much deliberation over burgers and diet coke, we also finally landed on a date other then the one we had originally planned but will most likely work out better in the long run.

Unfortunately, with this weekend being a three day holiday, I will not be able to get the contract for the venue until at least next Tuesday. Because of that, I will not be able to make any official announcements about date and venue until after everything is in writing and ready to go.

You all may be happy to know though, that I have already started taking a look around for possible guests for OkamiCon Utah. While I already have some in mind, it seems quite a few comic book artists live in the Utah area. We will just have to wait and see what happens. 😉