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Happy Halloween and some Spooky Updates.

31 Oct

Hey Everyone! Happy National Cosplayers Day…or in laymen turns…Happy Halloween!

My computer is now repaired and things are going to start hopping as we wrap up the month of October and start moving closer to the Holidays. A lot more updates for OkamiCon are going to start coming sooner and closer together. Pre-Registration will be opening tomorrow and even though, we don’t have much updated as far as events and programing go, that will all be changing.

Here are some things you can look forward too:
-Table Top Gaming and Tournaments (TCG) (Details coming soon)
-Day Long and Convention Wide Contests
-Staff Cosplay Theme
-Reintroduction of Online Masquerade Registration
-Art Contest
-Much More!

Online Masquerade Registration
One particular thing I would like to touch note on (I can’t remember if I have already or not), is that we will be bringing back Online Masquerade Registration for both OkamiCon and Anime SG 2012. Many more people seem to actively participate in the Masquerade after they have already registered then they do simply coming to the convention and signing up. Everything will be done from an online form which you can fill out and it will be emailed to us. All you have to do then is check in at the Masquerade Desk on the day of the event and you are good to go!

Please expect Masquerade Registration to be open around February. An official announcement will be made at that time.

Screening Suggestions
While I will not be submitting the requests for screening permissions until January, I would love to here your suggestions on what FUNimation Entertainment programing we should be showing in our screening room. Tell us and you just might see it there!

OkamiCon Cover Art Contest
One of the features we will be launching this year for OkamiCon is a Cover Art Contest which will start in January. This contest will be for armature and professional artists alike. You all be encouraged to submit your own artistic interpretation and rendition of the OkamiCon Wolf and Moon Logo. One lucky entry will then be chosen to be printed as the OkamiCon 2012 Program Cover Art. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your artistic name out there! Not to mention it will look good in your portfolio. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope this will give you all a little something to chew on over the Halloween Day. Enjoy!


Dealer Registration Open!

24 Oct

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for your patients in the delay it has taken me to get Dealer Registration for OkamiCon 2012 is finally open and online. You can now register and pay for your Dealer or Artist booth either from or through the Okami Promotions.

The plan is to have Pre-Registration open by November 1st and I will really try to make that deadline one way or another dispite my computer still having it’s emotional issues and the very high chance that it will be in the shop. Either way the show must go on.

I also have a lot of good plans in the works forย  OkamiCon and I will be happy when I can truly start working on them and shaping them to the point of perfection to be properly announced. Please expect the majority ofย  big updates to come shortly after Christmas and after the First of the Year.

Until then, go sign up for an artist or dealer’s booth. You know you want to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry For Lack of Updates

15 Oct

Hey everyone,

I highly apologize for the lack of updates recently on the OkamiCon website. I moved at the first of the month and not only has my internet been down, but the rest of my life has been in total and complete chaos. The fact that I also had to run maintenance on my computer (and restoring the whole system) has also put me a little behind. Thankfully though, I have been seeing a good response to OkamiCon and was glad to see both Dealers, Volunteers and potential guests sending me emails showing their curiosity in our new event.
Since I have the bulk of my “day job” out of the way for this month, for next week, I am going to be working on getting all of my software reinstalled on my computer and everything updated and in full working order by next Saturday. Please forgive me in the mean time that Dealers Registration is not up yet. It will be soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰