Developer Dairy: 11/11

11 Nov

Salutations readers. Finally I have gotten off of my Netflix laden behind to bring you a bit of news. I am somewhat glad to see that I am not the only person falling into the holiday slump; people are not usually all that active or interested in conventions towards the end of the year and I applaud those who pull them off this late. All the same, I look forward to January running around after the holiday season ends (my ‘day’ job is centered around retail so you know how busy I have been) and people start waking up again. Not to mention, I always get excited about convention planning at the first of year. 😀

Anyways! Here is an update of the website changes that have been made when Pre-Registraion came online a week and a half ago. I didn’t want to flood everyone with updates and then I forgot to post it all together. Here is what was updated:


Exhibitors link has been changed to read Dealers // Artists.
-Dealer Registration and Pre-Registration functioning and Open.
-Dealer Map fully updated.
-Tabletop Games page added.
-Information on Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament added (under tabletop games).
-Twitter Feed added to front page.
-Basic information updated on front page.

Things are slowly moving forward. Stay tune for more happening stuff! 😀


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