Leave Your Legacy: Assassin’s Creed

12 Nov

Greeting fellow readers! In honor of the release of Assassin’s Creed Revelations which is coming out on the Nov 15th I will be posting a review on all three games of the AC Series, up to the point of Revelations. I will be posting three reviews on each day we have left until AC:R’s release. This is also going to be a fun little thing for Ubisoft’s Leave Your Legacy promotions. 😉

I picked up the first Assassin’s Creed title out of the software discount bin at my local Target. I previously heard about the serious through various networks and have always had a desire to play it. However, lacking any decent game system at the time I did not have much opportunity to play anything that was not cross platformed to a PC. It is simple to say that I was extremely happy that I found AC on PC platform. I paid ten bucks for it. Best ten bucks I ever spent.

The story starts off with two main characters in two different time lines: Desmond Miles, a kidnapped barkeeper in the modern age, and Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, a Syrian Assassin in the time of the Third Crusade. The plot goes that Desmond is captured by a devious company known as Abstergo Industries and is forced into a machine called the Animus which can help him relive the the memories of his ancestors. That is where Altaïr comes in.

Altaïr is special in his own right. When we first meet him, we quickly find out that he is less of a hero and more of a self-centered, egotistical douche bag. He does what he wants, when he wants and doesn’t think about the consequences. As a result, he is stripped of his ass kicking assassin rank, back down to that of a novice and must work his way back to the top. During his journeys and missions throughout the game, we see Altaïr grow into someone who is less of an asshole who can see the truth in the Templar’s plan for control.

Game play for AC is wonderful and unique. The controls are a little difficult to get use to at first, but once you do it is like ridding a bicycle; you never forget them. While the characters have little expression animation, the rest of the game graphics are fabulous and focus on great detail. There are rocks and dirt on the streets, detailed bricks on the buildings and grain detail on wood. Musical score is  fantastic and more then a few times have I kept up running around and forcing guards to chase me just to listen to the  wonderful chase music.

The game also has a few interesting quarks; the kind that just make you scratch your head and laugh. One of my favorites can be outlined in the following conversation I had with my father while he was watching me play:

Dad: What is he doing?
Me: He’s blending. When he blends, the guards think he is a monk.
Dad: He has swords, knifes and daggers hanging all over him…and they think he’s a monk? Some monk.
Me: Yes, a monk who is going to kick your ass.

It still makes me laugh to this day…whenever I blend.

What I Like Most About AC.
-Musical Score. The music for AC was well written and beautiful and fitting for the scenery. Again, you run around just to hear the chase music.
-Detail of Scenery. Truly stunning in all aspects.
-Story line. The story kept you going until the very end and it presented a wonderful ending that was not easy to guess at all.
-Character development. Watching the characters and their relationships grow was very well done and rewarding.

What I Did Not Like About AC.
-Traveling. Traveling between cites was like walking through a shooting gallery. There was more running and hiding and dying then anything else.
-Pick pocking for knifes. You have how many dead guards laying around and you need to pick pocket from a thug for your knives? What a waste.
-Arial Attacks. Arial kills are non-existent unless you know how to time your jump properly. Otherwise they are not directly created in the game and require a deal of skill.
-Cannot Swim. With all his bad assness, Altaïr cannot swim. A mission that also requires killing a target in a sea port also leaves you with many ways to die because of this flaw.
-Templar Knights. They scare the shit out of me!

Thankfully, everything that I disliked about AC or would have liked to see improved upon, Ubisoft did in ACII. Please come back tomorrow for the review on Assassin’s Creed II!


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  1. Mia Tracey Lampucende January 14, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Assassin s Creed 2 Xbox 360, PS3 The first Assassin s Creed was a must play game for anyone if you ask me.

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