Leave Your Legacy: Assassin’s Creed II

13 Nov

Greetings Fellow Assassins! Here is part two of my personal reviews of the Assassin’s Creed Series! For all you new readers just joining us, I will be posting a new article everyday on the AC series in honor of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations release coming out on Tuesday, November 15th.

Assassin’s Creed II begins roughly were ACI left off. Desmond Miles escapes from his Absergo captors and finds some solace with his fellow assassins and their own hacked version of the Animus which is nicknamed ‘Baby’. However, instead of running around in the slums of 12th Century Middle East, we now get to explore the beautiful landscape and rich historic culture of Renaissance Italy. Our new Assassin Hero is young noble man Ezio Auditore who is thrust unwillingly into his new occupation when his father and brothers are slaughter at the hands of the Templars. Now he is moved forward by his thirst for revenge against those who have done his family wrong.

The graphics are not nearly as painstakingly detailed as they were in the original AC. However, the characters infused with emotional expressions and better movement rigging then they were before. Environmental interaction and crowd animations have been vastly improved. You now have bars to swing from, free-run markers and the ability to swim. People on the streets sneeze, cough, work on building maintenance and continue to comment on how silly you look climbing up walls. You can now interact with the general populous by pickpocketing everyone and blending with crowds. There is now also the addition of a monetary system, allowing you to purchase weapon and armor upgrades, change the color of your clothes and see a doctor. Because money is now an important necessity, developers have finally given us the ability to loot the dead bodies of guards for items and wealth!

Above all, the most impressive addition to the game is the arsenal of new weapons and gadgets, provided courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci. A Humming Bird (Hidden) Pistol, Poison Blade, Smoke Bombs and most of all…the Double Hidden Blade. You will never know how you killed your targets before, once you get the taste for the Double Hidden Blade. Two guards for the price of one has never been so much fun. Also killing people from a safe distance with the Hidden Pistol or making them do the ‘dying dance’ with Poison Blade just makes things all in good fun. 
The musical score for ACII fits the beautiful landscape and time of Renaissance Italy.  Like the music in ACI, you will want to continue being chanced, just so you may use the chase music, or just mosey around Florence, enjoying the sights and music while looting treasure chests.  Each location you visit during your journey is more different and unique then the last. The missions are engaging and entertaining and well plotted out with the story line and character development.

I have to say that ACII has to be my favorite game out of the three I have played so far. While I would like more guards chasing me, at times it does have the benefits of an easy get away. The story was magnificent as well as the locations and relations between the characters.  It has great replay value no matter how you look at it.


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