Leave Your Legacy: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

14 Nov

Greetings Fellow Assassins! Here is part two of my personal reviews of the Assassin’s Creed Series! For all you new readers just joining us, I will be posting a new article everyday on the AC series in honor of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations release coming out on Tuesday, November 15th.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood picks up exactly where ACII left off. Exactly! As in you take control of our previous hero Ezio Auditory right where you left him. Finally, you get the chance to start a game with a totally bad ass character with all of his abilities and functions all intact…

…until you loose them all and have to start over from the beginning…yeah…we all knew it was too good to be true… It is also recommended that you have experience with the controls from the previous titles otherwise you are going to be lumbering your way through the very first mission. Even though the first mission is extremely easy, it only gives a quick rash course for new players which can make things just a little frustrating.

ACB is not nearly as refined and elegant as it’s predecessor, ACII. It feels as if the developers focused more on the new muliplayer aspect of them game than the single player side. In all reality, single player is actually a short experience if you play through only the main memory missions. The rest of the hours you use to waste your life away will be on side missions, hidden locations, guild challenges, treasure hunting, and a bunch of other useless filler stuff to distract you from the fact there are really only 9 memory sequences (versus the 13 sequences in ACII). The missions themselves (including the main missions) are mundane and have a tendency to all run together.  There is nothing much in the way of story line or character development as in the entire goal is to defeat the Borgia and liberate Rome. That is it…oh and to rebuild Rome…and saving courtesan, helping thieves, destroying warm machines, killing dog men and a bunch of other useless crap.

The graphics are the same as ACII on all accounts. Because the game is entirely set in Rome (with the exception of a few side quest) there is little variety in the landscaping and things have a tenancy to blur together more than they did before. Background music also ends up being sub par. The same musical score they use in Brotherhood, they also use in the Facebook Game, AC: Project Legacy. It is GREAT music for Project Legacy, however, for a console game, they could have done much more and it seems recycled for those who have played both. I also morn the definite lack of Leonardo Da Vinci even if he does get his own DLC add on.

Despite all of these flaws, there are a few things that I do enjoy about ACB. Ezio is given a mess load of new gadgets, including the CrossBow (kill your enemies silently from a distance!), poison darts (watch guards do the dying dance, from a distance!), and Assassins Recruits (let your lackeys do your dirty work while you watch…from a distance!). Because Rome is so vast, you now have the option to cover more ground by the use of horses. This also brings quite a bit of fun in charging through crowds while on horse back and playing your own version of Grand Thief Equestrian. However, after hours of doing such tasks you suddenly remember that you actually have a main memory to complete even after you have done what seems like a million other side memories, quests, hidden locations, treasure chest hunting, reopening stores, stealing treasures, beating up people and a bunch of useless other crap.

At least multiplayer is interesting and wonderfully entertaining. I promise you, you will probably send more of your  gaming hours playing through multiplayer than you will actually playing the single player game. It’s much more exciting then saving courtesan, helping thieves, destroying warm machines, killing dog men…etc.


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