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Masquerade and TCG Tournament Registration Open!

17 Jan

I meant to make this update yesterday, but due to be being under the weather, I am making it today.

~Moonlight Masquerade~
Online Registration for the OkamiCon 2012 Moonlight Masquerade are now online and fully functional. I have found in the past that we get more participants in our masquerade and cosplay contest if we accept online submissions before hand instead of only allowing submissions at the convention itself. Last year, due to a little experiment called Anime Bonanza, I had suspended all online Masquerade Signups because it would have simply been overwhelming with both Bonanza and Anime SG in so close proximity to each other. However, because that is not the case with OkamiCon, you may now sign up early and plan out your costumes and skits months in advance. 🙂 Submissions will be closed shortly before the convention or until we reach the maximum limit of participants (which is currently at 25).

You can find a complete set of rules for the Moonlight Masque as well as the entry form under Programming -> Masquerade here on the blog or at the Masquerade page on

~Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament~
Along with Moonlight Masque online signups, the entry form for our Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament is also online. There is also no set time for when submissions will close on account we want to encourage as many participants as possible.  I know there are lots of duelists out there who still play the game but simply cannot find anyone to play with, or at least that is the problem that I am having. There will be a table set up in the hall for ‘Free Play’ but only the tournament will feature prizes (that’s right, I said prizes, as in free stuff!) for the winners and eternal bragging rights.

So what are you waiting for?!  Grab your decks and head on over to our TCG Tournament page and sign up! You can also do this from our website on the Tabletop Games page.


Developer Dairy: January 2012

15 Jan

Here are all the updates that have been made to the Anime SG and OkamiCon website//blog for January 2012.

~Anime SG Updates~

  • Dealers and Artist Registration now open (More info on this tomorrow.)
  • The two booths in the lobby from last year will be made available for purchase this year as Lobby Exclusives.
  • Dealer//Artist Map updated.
  • Header image size has been fixed (it was off by two pixels and looked a little fuzzy).
  • Home linked fixed on Dealers page.
  • Homepage Twitter widget changed from RSS Include widget to official Twitter widget.
  • Guests page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)

~OkamiCon Updates~

  • Contests Page added.
  • Program Cover Design Contest added.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Signups added to Tabletop Games page (website) and TCG Tournaments page (blog).
  • Guests Page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)
  • New Blog Theme.
  • Facebook and Twitter widget added to blog.

That’s all for tonight! Stay tune for more announcements coming tomorrow!

OkamiCon and AnimeSG Announce 91.8 The Fan as Special Guest!

10 Jan

MESQUITE, NV – After much anticipation, Okami Promotions is proud to announce that internet radio station 91.8 The Fan will be attending both OkamiCon 2012 and Anime St. George 2012 as special musical guests.

91.8 The Fan is a live internet radio station that strives to bring contemporary style radio to anime and manga fans and features the latest music from Japan, Korea and China. Far from being just an automated playlist, 91.8 The Fan also features interviews with icons of the fandom genre as well as contests and reviews. Best of all, it provides a legal way for fans to get their fill of Asian media via free releases and online streaming.

“We are very happy to be having 91.8 The Fan attend our conventions.” Comments, Lisa Monroe, Marketing Director and Public Relations for Okami Promotions, the company which coordinates and promotions both events. “We have wanted to have a live DJ for some time now and they are just what we are looking for. I think our attendees will really enjoy the new atmosphere that 91.8 The Fan will add to both OkamiCon and Anime SG.”

OkamiCon will be taking place on May 19th, 2012 at the CasaBlanca Resort and Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

Anime St. George will be celebrating its fourth year on September 29th, 2012 at the Best Western Abbey Inn in St. George, Utah.


OkamiCon is Mesquite’s First Fandom Convention. OkamiCon is a multi-genre convention focusing on Anime, Comics and Gaming. OkamiCon provides events relating to Tabletop Games, Anime, Manga and Western Comics, Video Games and various other forms of fandom entertainment and geekery.

Taking Place in St. George, Utah, Anime St. George is Southern Utah’s Anime Convention. Anime SG provides events relating to Anime, Manga, Asian Video Games and other related arts. Anime SG provides a platform in which the public can enjoy and be educated in this genre.

Okami Promotions is a Marketing and Event Planning company based in Southern Utah that currently hosts Anime St. George and OkamiCon events. Okami Promotions provides events relating to Anime, Manga, Video Games and other related arts. In addition, Okami Promotions also provides marketing and event opportunities to both local and out of state businesses, and takes pride in showcasing up-and-coming artists and other members of the “Indy” Arts Community.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament

6 Jan

When people think of Tabletop Gaming, they automatically get visions of nerds dressed in cloaks and pointy hats while gathered around a session of Dungeons and Dragons. However, Tabletop gaming is a classic and under appreciated art form that has been tossed aside to give way to more dominate game forms such as sports and video games. There are many different types of tabletop gaming aside from Dungeons and Dragons including Trading Card Games (such as Magic the Gathering) and classic tile games such as Mahjong.

To help support and encourage fans of Table Top gaming, OkamiCon will have a special area in the hall dedicated to specially hosted Trading Card Tournaments and free play for any table top gaming fan young or old.

Online Registration for all Tournaments will open January 15th, 2012.
All Tournaments are free to enter and Prizes will be awarded.


Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament
Dust off your decks Duelist! You finally now have a place to come and desk your skills once again, against fellow and likeminded people like yourself! OkamiCon will be holding its Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament in the tabletop gaming area on the day of the event. Prizes will be awarded to the top three reigning champions!

Tournament Details:
The Tournament will be held using Traditional Deck Format.
– The Tournament rules will follow the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Official Rulebook Version 8.0 English Edition.
– You can only have 1 copy maximum of a “Limited” card in your Main Deck, Extra Deck, and Side Deck combined.
– You can only have 2 copies maximum of a “Semi-limited” card in your Main Deck, Extra Deck, and Side Deck combined.

*A minimum of six (6) registered players are required for the tournament to start. If the minimum is not met before tournament start, the tournament will be canceled and replaced with “Free Play.”

Player Resources:
Limited and Forbidden Card ListUpdated 8/18/11
Official Rulebook Version 8.0 English Edition


Happy New Year Everyone!

1 Jan

2011 is finally over and the new year is here and ready to give us all a fresh start!

Last year was a bit of a strange year for everyone. However, there was quite a few good memories shared between folks at our conventions. In memory of the old and in honor of the new, I have made a video highlighting all of the fun times shared last year at both Anime SG and Anime Bonanza. You can find his awesome video below.

Please stay tune with us in the next upcoming weeks for some very important announcements for both Anime SG and OkamiCon (some of which include guest announcements. 😉 )

Enjoy the video and happy new year!

EDIT: Sorry, the video didn’t show up earlier. I swear…last time I post from my phone *sweat*.