Masquerade and TCG Tournament Registration Open!

17 Jan

I meant to make this update yesterday, but due to be being under the weather, I am making it today.

~Moonlight Masquerade~
Online Registration for the OkamiCon 2012 Moonlight Masquerade are now online and fully functional. I have found in the past that we get more participants in our masquerade and cosplay contest if we accept online submissions before hand instead of only allowing submissions at the convention itself. Last year, due to a little experiment called Anime Bonanza, I had suspended all online Masquerade Signups because it would have simply been overwhelming with both Bonanza and Anime SG in so close proximity to each other. However, because that is not the case with OkamiCon, you may now sign up early and plan out your costumes and skits months in advance. 🙂 Submissions will be closed shortly before the convention or until we reach the maximum limit of participants (which is currently at 25).

You can find a complete set of rules for the Moonlight Masque as well as the entry form under Programming -> Masquerade here on the blog or at the Masquerade page on

~Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament~
Along with Moonlight Masque online signups, the entry form for our Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament is also online. There is also no set time for when submissions will close on account we want to encourage as many participants as possible.  I know there are lots of duelists out there who still play the game but simply cannot find anyone to play with, or at least that is the problem that I am having. There will be a table set up in the hall for ‘Free Play’ but only the tournament will feature prizes (that’s right, I said prizes, as in free stuff!) for the winners and eternal bragging rights.

So what are you waiting for?!  Grab your decks and head on over to our TCG Tournament page and sign up! You can also do this from our website on the Tabletop Games page.


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