Draft Schedule and Updated Guest List

17 Mar

Greetings Everyone!

Spring Break is officially coming to a close here in Southern Utah. It seems like it hasn’t lasted nearly long enough and it has been a bit crazier then first anticipated. As promised, the first draft of our Event Schedule for OkamiCon 2012 is now online both here and on the main website. I am also currently working with FUNimation Entertainment to bring you some truly awesome animes for our Screening Room and our screening schedule will be uploaded as soon as I have the final approvals from them.

Our Special Guests lists has also expanded considerably with the addition of  guys from the Who Asked You? Show and Gina Novelle aka Okami Mommie. The official press release and announcements for these guests will be made tomorrow.

On a few little side notes, there is a high probability that Dealer Registration will be reopened as we are currently in negotiations with the hotel to extend the Dealer’s Hall. As soon as I have all the final paper work sorted out, an announcement will be made and our Dealers // Artist page will be updated with a map of the new spaces available.  To all of the Dealers and Artists interested in attending our event this year, thank you for your patients and understanding.

More updates for the website and blog coming soon when I get a chance.

Enjoy the rest of your spring break!


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