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Starting The New Year – Anime SG Will All Be OkamiCon

12 Dec

This is now official notice as to not to confuse anyone in the very near future: Starting January 1st, 2013, the URL for Anime St. George webpage and blog ( and respectively) will no longer be functional. After that date, you will need to go to the main OkamiCon Webpage ( for both OkamiCon Utah and OkamiCon Nevada information, registration, etc. Both pages for Utah and Nevada are separated so simply click the link on the splash page for the one you wish to visit.

That also being sad, all of our other social media accounts for Anime SG are also going to be deleted or closed starting the first of the year. This includes the ASG WordPress Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I have tried to encourage everyone to follow our new social media pages for OkamiCon and post announcements that the others will be closing, however, people still insist on liking, following or subscribing to ones that are no longer updated.

If you have not yet liked the new OkamiCon Facebook or Twitter, you can do so by following the little feeds here on the main page of this blog (OkamiCon Blog) or by the feeds from the OkamiCon Webpage.

Also, for those who are curious, the photos from the Anime St. George Facebook Albums have all been moved over to OkamiCon so please feel free to go and re-tag yourself or your friends.


OkamiCon Nevada 2013 Vendor Registration Open!

4 Dec

Sorry for the late update on this guys. Life has been super busy because of the holidays and I needed to take care of of my ‘day job’ before setting up and designing the vendor maps for OkamiCon Nevada 2013.

So for those of you who have been waiting to snag yourself a booth at our new location (The Holiday Inn Express in Mesquite), now is your chance! Vendor Registration will be open from now until April 30th, 2013 or until they are sold out.

New This Year: We are now featuring triple spaces! Get more bang for your buck on compatible triple spaces. Spaces on our map can to be sold as a single spaces (10×10), double spaces (10×20) or triple spaces (10×30). Triple spaces will usually be sold in an “L” formation so please see the vendor’s map for spaces that can be turned into doubles or triples.

You can Register your booth now on the OkamiCon Nevada Vendor Page. An option to add a company website, eBay page, deviantART or other personal website has also been added when buying your space.

Booth Info:
A 10’x10′ Booth will include 1 Table, 2 Chairs and Table Covering.
A 10’x20′ Booth will include 2 Tables and 2 Additional Chairs (If desired) and Table Coverings.
A 10’x30′ Booth will include 3 Tables 2 Additional Chairs (if desired) and Table Coverings.
All Booths Include: 2 Convention Passes, Temporary Nevada Sales Tax License, OkamiCon Exhibitor Packet.
NOTE: 10×30 Booths are available on compatible spaces only and are subject to availability. Please see booth availability map for compatible spaces.

Additional badges will need to be purchased at the front desk at full convention price or through online pre-registration.

Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Grand Flacon Exhibit Hall
Dealer // Artists Booth Availability Chart – Sunset Mesa Exhibit Hall

Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x10’ Booth: $175.00 (Includes Both Days)
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x20’ Booth: $300.00 (Includes Both Days)
Dealers and Artists Booth 10’x30’ Booth: $450.00 (Includes Both Days)

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions
I would like a Vendor’s Booth. Can you reserve a space for me?

Vendor Spaces will be reserved after confirmation of payment. We cannot hold or reserve spaces otherwise.

Do You Still Have Vendor Spaces Available? // How Much Are Vendor Spaces?
You can find complete information on our Dealer and Artists spaces by visiting our Vendors Page. You will find pricing information, current vendors, a map of our Exhibit Hall with available spaces and more.

Can I reserve a certain space on the Exhibit Hall map?
Individual vendor spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may request a particular space on the map if it is available, but we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned that particular space.

What items cannot be sold at my booth?
The following items are restricted for sale by vendors at OkamiCon Nevada:
Steel or metal swords/weaponry
-Guns and ammunition
-Food and beverage (including pre-packaged items)
-Adult X-Rated Content and Merchandise (i.e. Hentai)
-Raffle/lottery tickets or other games of chance that require a fee
-Pirated or illegal copies of official copyrighted merchandise

Can I sell wooden/bamboo practice swords, plastic cosplay props or other similar items at my booth?
Yes. We do allow the sale of wooden or bamboo swords, large plastic props and other like items that are not on the restricted list. If you are not sure whether or not your merchandise is restricted, please do not hesitate to contact us.