Masqurade Opening Dates / OkamiCon Utah

5 Feb

Here are a few important updates about a few things regarding questions that have been submitted to me or brought up:

Masquerade Online Submissions
Thank you for those of you who brought to my attention that Masqurade Online Submissions had not opened yet. They where not intended to open on January 15th and that was an error on my part that it said as such. The correct date of February 15th has been added and they will open on that date. This is because I am trying to change quite a few thins over (such as email, etc.) and want to make sure that none of your submissions get lost. I am also trying to stream line a better solution for the submission process that hopefully will require less paperwork and headache later on. Thank you for your patience and understanding for these recent delays. Believe it or not, my real life comes first and conventions sometimes have to come in a close second.

OkamiCon Utah Dates
Quite a few people have been asking me regarding the dates for OkamiCon Utah. So I will make an official announcement regarding them here: The dates are currently pending and will be announced after immediately OkamiCon Nevada or at the event. I know some of you may think that this is cutting it a little short but there is a reason for it. I know you are all very excited to know when it is but you are just going to need to sit tight for a while longer.

Thank you very one for all your help and sorry things been falling a little behind. Like I said, my real life has been super busy that is just how it is. Remember that you can now pre-register for your badge to OkamiCon Nevada 2013 so don’t forget to sign up!


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