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Developer Dairy: April 2012

27 Apr

Greetings Convention Goers!

Here at last is the Developer Dairy for April 2012. The OkamiCon website was updated with a slew of information I have been sitting on so I can upload it all at once. The changes made yesterday are going to be the last of any major updates before the convention next month (with the exception of the screening schedule).

OkamiCon Website Changes

  • Guest List Updated
    • Nathan Hanks and Anastasia Jablokov Added
  • Table Top Games Page Updated
    • K.O.M.A Gaming Battle Tournament Rules Posted
    • Tanto Curoe Demo Information Added
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Online Form Closed
  • Schedule Updated
    • Added New Guest Panels // Game Area Events
    • Added Super Mystery Date Event
    • Added TOP SECRET Event
  • Updated Sponsors Page
    • Added Pacific Media Expo Logo

Blog Changes

  • Guest List Updated
  • TCG Tournament Page Updated
  • TCG Tournament Page renamed to OkamiCon Game Area.

Physical Event Changes

  • OkamiCon Game Area is now expanded to two booths in the Outrigger Dealer Room.
    • Game area will include: KOMA Gaming Tournament, TCG Tournament // Free Play and Tanto Cuore Demo.
  • Few Dealer Booths rearranged between North Shore and Outrigger Dealers Room.
  • TOP SECRET EVENT Confirmed
  • Contest Table will be set up and include:
    • Super Mystery Date Entry Forms and Pick-up-lines.
    • Moonlight Masquerade Sign In and Entry Forms.


Those are all the major changes coming for now with the exception of the Screening Schedule. I do have confirmation of permissions from FUNimation Entertainment and I am just waiting for the final paperwork to be mailed to me before I announce our screening list.

I probably also will post some information regarding the Super Mystery Date contest so we can get more people interested. It was a big hit at Anime Bonanza last year and I think everyone will enjoy it at OkamiCon.

For those of you wondering about the TOP SECRET Event…well…it’s a secret. 😉 You are going to have to come to the convention to see for yourself what it is. Please feel free to speculate and chat about it on our Facebook page and comment section in the meantime. For those of you who come up with some particularly good theories, I just might post them here on the blog, so ponder away!


Developer Dairy: January 2012

15 Jan

Here are all the updates that have been made to the Anime SG and OkamiCon website//blog for January 2012.

~Anime SG Updates~

  • Dealers and Artist Registration now open (More info on this tomorrow.)
  • The two booths in the lobby from last year will be made available for purchase this year as Lobby Exclusives.
  • Dealer//Artist Map updated.
  • Header image size has been fixed (it was off by two pixels and looked a little fuzzy).
  • Home linked fixed on Dealers page.
  • Homepage Twitter widget changed from RSS Include widget to official Twitter widget.
  • Guests page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)

~OkamiCon Updates~

  • Contests Page added.
  • Program Cover Design Contest added.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Signups added to Tabletop Games page (website) and TCG Tournaments page (blog).
  • Guests Page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)
  • New Blog Theme.
  • Facebook and Twitter widget added to blog.

That’s all for tonight! Stay tune for more announcements coming tomorrow!

Developer Dairy: 11/11

11 Nov

Salutations readers. Finally I have gotten off of my Netflix laden behind to bring you a bit of news. I am somewhat glad to see that I am not the only person falling into the holiday slump; people are not usually all that active or interested in conventions towards the end of the year and I applaud those who pull them off this late. All the same, I look forward to January running around after the holiday season ends (my ‘day’ job is centered around retail so you know how busy I have been) and people start waking up again. Not to mention, I always get excited about convention planning at the first of year. 😀

Anyways! Here is an update of the website changes that have been made when Pre-Registraion came online a week and a half ago. I didn’t want to flood everyone with updates and then I forgot to post it all together. Here is what was updated:


Exhibitors link has been changed to read Dealers // Artists.
-Dealer Registration and Pre-Registration functioning and Open.
-Dealer Map fully updated.
-Tabletop Games page added.
-Information on Yu-gi-oh! TCG Tournament added (under tabletop games).
-Twitter Feed added to front page.
-Basic information updated on front page.

Things are slowly moving forward. Stay tune for more happening stuff! 😀

Date and Venue Decided!

14 Sep

Hey everyone! Sorry for the extended delay in posts and updates lately. My life has just been madness (This is Sparta! *boot*) so as a result, it has taken me a little longer to get everything together.

The original plan was to have a convention titled OkamiCon Utah and to have a location here in Utah with a time in the summer around August-ish. Well, as change would have it, our previous venue fell through and everything had to be reformulated (thus the main reason for the delay in information). Now instead of going under the title of OkamiCon Utah, we are just plain OkamiCon and instead of holding our convention in Utah, we have  found a nice cozy little place in Mesquite, NV!

What: OkamiCon
When: May 19th, 2012
Where: CasaBlanca Resort
City: Mesquite, NV

OkamiCon will be the first of the Okami Promotions hosted event to be at a genuine hotel/resort and casino. Unlike Anime SG, OkamiCon will be a multi-genre event that focuses on Anime, Comics and Video Games. That way we can have a little something for everyone; not just for the anime fans out there.

The website is going to take a little longer then expected to get up and running simply because I did not have the necessary date and venue information which determines the bulk of the content that is on the website. However, it will be completed in time for the Official OkamiCon Announcement taking place at Anime St. George 2011.

Busy Busy Day

24 Aug

Oi…today has been a busy and hectic day. I was up early and got an early start on my preparations for Anime St. George 2011. I had a mess of paper work that I needed to fill out and get sent in, fires to put out and event schedules to confirm. Thankfully, the shitload of FUNimation anime I ordered from Right Stuf came in a day early so I’m happy. 😀 I also plan on vegetating in front of my TV and DVD player for the rest of the day so my brain doesn’t explode from work.

As for OkamiCon, it seems we are slowly starting to build a following on Twitter and here on the Blog.  Unfortunately, Facebook is a little harder to build a following on account I think the bulk of my friends are still a little pissy* that one of my past events Anime Bonanza will not be returning for a second year. Reno, NV is simply too far for me to drive from Southern Utah, thus the creation of OkamiCon Utah to take the place of Anime Bonanza a little closer to home. I already have a date in mind for the event and I’m going to start calling around in the next few weeks to see if I can find an appropriate venue. Cedar City doesn’t offer a lot as far as venue space but there are a few promising prospects so I’m sure we will find a home to plant our roots. I also hope to get a website for OkamiCon up in the next few weeks as well but until then, the pages here on the blog will help serve as a primary source of event information until I can start setting solid dates, times and venues.

Well, I’m off for now to start mellowing with my complete series of Fullmetal Alchemist and Gun x Sword. Until next time!



*Either that or they just don’t pay any attention to invite requests. =_=