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Date and Venue Decided!

14 Sep

Hey everyone! Sorry for the extended delay in posts and updates lately. My life has just been madness (This is Sparta! *boot*) so as a result, it has taken me a little longer to get everything together.

The original plan was to have a convention titled OkamiCon Utah and to have a location here in Utah with a time in the summer around August-ish. Well, as change would have it, our previous venue fell through and everything had to be reformulated (thus the main reason for the delay in information). Now instead of going under the title of OkamiCon Utah, we are just plain OkamiCon and instead of holding our convention in Utah, we haveĀ  found a nice cozy little place in Mesquite, NV!

What: OkamiCon
When: May 19th, 2012
Where: CasaBlanca Resort
City: Mesquite, NV

OkamiCon will be the first of the Okami Promotions hosted event to be at a genuine hotel/resort and casino. Unlike Anime SG, OkamiCon will be a multi-genre event that focuses on Anime, Comics and Video Games. That way we can have a little something for everyone; not just for the anime fans out there.

The website is going to take a little longer then expected to get up and running simply because I did not have the necessary date and venue information which determines the bulk of the content that is on the website. However, it will be completed in time for the Official OkamiCon Announcement taking place at Anime St. George 2011.