Thanks for Coming to OkamiCon 2012!

25 May

Late post is a little late, I know but…

Thank you everyone for attending OkamiCon 2012!

We had a wonderful turn out this year and I am happy to be reading messages on Facebook about how much fun everyone had. I am already starting to hash out details with our venue for our OkamiCon ’13. Here is what I can tell you at this point:

-OkamiCon WILL be returning to Mesquite, NV.
-We will be going two days next year.
-We will most likely be during mid-may again.
-We are revamping our setup to make things more fun for not only attendees but for dealers as well.
-OkamiCon in Mesquite is not going to be our only OkamiCon event.

The last one is meant to be a little teaser. 😉 More information on our second OkamiCon event will be trickling out over the next few weeks so stay tune!


Screening Schedule Now Online

2 May

Our Screening Schedule for OkamiCon 2012 is now online! Both the blog and the official website have been updated to reflect the changes. Here is also a copy of the long awaited list with times included. If you click on the links, they will take you to the official trailer of that anime on YouTube.

OkamiCon 2012 Screening Schedule
Screening Room Hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm
All Times Are Approximate.


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4
Hero Tales


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4
Afro Samurai


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 1


Episode 2




Episode 4


Screening Room Closes

FUNimation Entertainment is truly awesome for supporting OkamiCon and many of our other events we hold throughout the year! Remember to support them by buying their products and watching more of their great anime.

On a side note, I have been watching some of these shows myself and Vandread is highly recommended. I know what was just added to my Netflix Instate Queue! 😀

Pre-Registration Closed.

1 May

Pre-Registration is now officially closed. Congratulations to those lucky individuals who managed to send in their pre-registration late last night. I applaud you and it warms my heart to see those payment notification messages in my email inbox. ^-^

For those of you who were hoping that you would be able to register today before the form was taken offline, I’m sorry to say that you are out of lucky because it was just removed. However, you can get a badge at the convention; you will just have to wait inline or come for early badge registration at 9:00AM on Saturday.

Please Remember!: It is required that you show valid identification and your PayPal Receipt when picking up your badge. We will not give you your badge without both!  

On another note, Online Signups for the Moonlight Masquerade will be closing on Saturday May 5th along with Dealer Booth Registration. If you were not able to sign up for the Moonlight Masquerade online, than you will still be able to sign up at the Contest Table the day of OkamiCon. The number of entries for the Masquerade is capped at 25 unless otherwise stated. Special awards will be given to the top three winners of the Masquerade (1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place).

I will be sending out confirmation emails for Pre-Registrations and Masquerade Entry Forms, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, it is on its way.

Last Chance for Pre-Registration!

30 Apr

OkamiCon 2012 is just around the corner! That means with May 1st ready to sneak up and bash us over the head with a mallet, today is your last change for Pre-Registration for the event.

Why Should You Pre-Register?

Those who pre-register on our website prior to the event are set to get all kind awesome goodies! While this doesn’t mean that our staff will be giving you a foot massage, this does mean that you will get:

  1. $5 Discount off the At-Door Price. (This means you only pay $15 instead of $20!)
  2. Custom name printed on your badge. (Normal people just have ‘all day pass’ on their badges).
  3. By Pass the registration process.
  4. Avoid the long line by simply walking up to badge pickup with your I.D. in hand!


Now tell me, why would you not want to pre-register with all those awesome perks? That’s what I thought! So what are you waiting for? Go over to our website and click on the registration tab to get your pre-registration before tomorrow. You will be glad you did!

Developer Dairy: April 2012

27 Apr

Greetings Convention Goers!

Here at last is the Developer Dairy for April 2012. The OkamiCon website was updated with a slew of information I have been sitting on so I can upload it all at once. The changes made yesterday are going to be the last of any major updates before the convention next month (with the exception of the screening schedule).

OkamiCon Website Changes

  • Guest List Updated
    • Nathan Hanks and Anastasia Jablokov Added
  • Table Top Games Page Updated
    • K.O.M.A Gaming Battle Tournament Rules Posted
    • Tanto Curoe Demo Information Added
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Online Form Closed
  • Schedule Updated
    • Added New Guest Panels // Game Area Events
    • Added Super Mystery Date Event
    • Added TOP SECRET Event
  • Updated Sponsors Page
    • Added Pacific Media Expo Logo

Blog Changes

  • Guest List Updated
  • TCG Tournament Page Updated
  • TCG Tournament Page renamed to OkamiCon Game Area.

Physical Event Changes

  • OkamiCon Game Area is now expanded to two booths in the Outrigger Dealer Room.
    • Game area will include: KOMA Gaming Tournament, TCG Tournament // Free Play and Tanto Cuore Demo.
  • Few Dealer Booths rearranged between North Shore and Outrigger Dealers Room.
  • TOP SECRET EVENT Confirmed
  • Contest Table will be set up and include:
    • Super Mystery Date Entry Forms and Pick-up-lines.
    • Moonlight Masquerade Sign In and Entry Forms.


Those are all the major changes coming for now with the exception of the Screening Schedule. I do have confirmation of permissions from FUNimation Entertainment and I am just waiting for the final paperwork to be mailed to me before I announce our screening list.

I probably also will post some information regarding the Super Mystery Date contest so we can get more people interested. It was a big hit at Anime Bonanza last year and I think everyone will enjoy it at OkamiCon.

For those of you wondering about the TOP SECRET Event…well…it’s a secret. 😉 You are going to have to come to the convention to see for yourself what it is. Please feel free to speculate and chat about it on our Facebook page and comment section in the meantime. For those of you who come up with some particularly good theories, I just might post them here on the blog, so ponder away!

OkamiCon Announces Third Round of Guests!

26 Apr

MESQUITE, NV – With the long awaited event less than a month away, OkamiCon announces the last of two guests that will be joining the multi-genre convention on May 19th, 2012 at the Casablanca Resort and Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

Anastasia Jablokov
Anastasia Jablokov will be attending OkamiCon 2012 as special cosplay guest and judge for the Moonlight Masque. Also known as MangaFreak150 on the internet, Ana started cosplaying in 2008 and hasn’t stopped since. She is a fan of manga (hence the name) and her favorite animes are Cardcaptor Sakura and Black Rock Shooter. To learn the tricks of the trade in cosplaying, make sure you check out Ana’s panel Cosplaying 101.

Special Guest – Nathan Hanks with Katie and Sophie
When Nathan Hanks ask if you want to see his snake, he means it literary! Nathan Hanks will be joining the OkamiCon 2012 guest lineup along with his beautiful and charming pair of Burmese Pythons, Katie and Sophie.

Nathan has loved snakes his entire life and has owned Pythons for 15 years. While he has owned a variety of other large snakes such as Boa Constrictors, Anacondas and other breeds of Python, the Burmese Python breed will always grip a special place in his heart. Nathan believes that Pythons are one of the most misunderstood animals in the world and enjoys taking opportunities to help separate myth from fact. He does all this with the help of his two lovely ladies: Katie, a 7 year-old, 12 foot long Albino Burmese Python and Sophie, a 9 year-old, 10 foot regular Burmese Python. Of course it is rude to ask a lady her weight, but these gals clock in at about 50 pounds each!

You can find Nathan and his two scaly sweet hearts hanging out in our Outrigger Dealer’s Room. Make sure you stop by throughout the day for his discussions and educational information on Burmese Pythons, as well as hold and have your picture taken with these slithery beauties!

OkamiCon is Mesquite’s First Fandom Convention. OkamiCon is a multi-genre convention focusing on Anime, Comics and Gaming. OkamiCon provides events relating to Tabletop Games, Anime, Manga and Western Comics, Video Games and various other forms of fandom entertainment and geekery.

Okami Promotions is a Marketing and Event Planning company based in Southern Utah that currently hosts Anime St. George and OkamiCon events. Okami Promotions provides events relating to Anime, Manga, Video Games and other related arts. In addition, Okami Promotions also provides marketing and event opportunities to both local and out of state businesses, and takes pride in showcasing up-and-coming artists and other members of the “Indy” Arts Community.

Dealers and Artists Registration Reopen!

29 Mar

Due to popular demand, our Dealers Room and Artist Alley has been expanded to now include two rooms: The Northshore and The Outrigger. If you missed out on your opportunity to register your space the first time around, how you have a second chance!

The Outrigger Room will be located next to our Screening Room while the Northshore will be located next to the Panel Room. Even though the Outrigger is slightly smaller than the Northshore, it will include 10 additional spaces, 5 of which are still available to aspiring artists or dealers looking to sell their wares. What more, the Outrigger room is also featuring some fun activities such as our TCG Tournament and Free Play Table and the K.O.M.A Video Game Tournament Table (Announcement on that coming soon.) Also make sure to stop by the table of our affiliate convention Combat Con because I hear they will be raffling off tickets to their awesome convention in July down in Las Vegas. has already been updated to reflect these new changes and Dealer // Artist Registration has been reopened and extended until May 5th, 2012. Additional Updates for events will be coming with April’s Developer Diary as well as Pre-Registration for Anime St. George.

OkamiCon Announces Second Round of Guests for 2012 Event!

19 Mar

MESQUITE, NV –  After much anticipation, Okami Promotions is proud to announce that two more special guests will be added to their growing lineup for OkamiCon 2012 on May 19th, 2012 at the Casablanca Resort and Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

Who Asked You? Show
The five friends from the internet podcast sensation, Who Asked You?, will be coming to grace OkamiCon 2012 with their antics and comedic sense of humor. Everything from movies, comics and even beer is not safe from their own brand of funny and sound board filled with random Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. If you like to laugh, don’t mind a dirty joke, and just want to share in general geekyness, then come down to OkamiCon and see the guys behind the microphone for yourself!

Gina Novelle aka The Okami Mommie
She is the woman with the silver hair in which we all wish we could find a wig in that color. Starting up as a female programmer in the days when computers were the size of our convention space itself, Gina is going to bring to OkamiCon 2012 her tips and tricks for expressing yourself and your inner geek. Playfully nicknamed as the Okami Mommie by her children, she will also be judging cosplays in the OkamiCon Moonlight Masque.

“We are so very excited to have these new guests.” Comments Lisa Monroe, Marketing Director and Head of Public Relations for Okami Promotions. “This year is shaping up very well and we are looking forward to making many more exciting announcements regarding our event in the near future.”

OkamiCon is Mesquite’s First Fandom Convention. OkamiCon is a multi-genre convention focusing on Anime, Comics and Gaming. OkamiCon provides events relating to Tabletop Games, Anime, Manga and Western Comics, Video Games and various other forms of fandom entertainment and geekery.

Okami Promotions is a Marketing and Event Planning company based in Southern Utah that currently hosts Anime St. George and OkamiCon events. Okami Promotions provides events relating to Anime, Manga, Video Games and other related arts. In addition, Okami Promotions also provides marketing and event opportunities to both local and out of state businesses, and takes pride in showcasing up-and-coming artists and other members of the “Indy” Arts Community.

Draft Schedule and Updated Guest List

17 Mar

Greetings Everyone!

Spring Break is officially coming to a close here in Southern Utah. It seems like it hasn’t lasted nearly long enough and it has been a bit crazier then first anticipated. As promised, the first draft of our Event Schedule for OkamiCon 2012 is now online both here and on the main website. I am also currently working with FUNimation Entertainment to bring you some truly awesome animes for our Screening Room and our screening schedule will be uploaded as soon as I have the final approvals from them.

Our Special Guests lists has also expanded considerably with the addition of  guys from the Who Asked You? Show and Gina Novelle aka Okami Mommie. The official press release and announcements for these guests will be made tomorrow.

On a few little side notes, there is a high probability that Dealer Registration will be reopened as we are currently in negotiations with the hotel to extend the Dealer’s Hall. As soon as I have all the final paper work sorted out, an announcement will be made and our Dealers // Artist page will be updated with a map of the new spaces available.  To all of the Dealers and Artists interested in attending our event this year, thank you for your patients and understanding.

More updates for the website and blog coming soon when I get a chance.

Enjoy the rest of your spring break!


Gaming Review: Wakfu

2 Feb

Those of you who keep up-to-date with Square-Enix may have already heard about one of the new projects for the MMORPG Gaming World: Wakfu.

Wakfu is a tactical online turn based MMORPG that is cross branded with Square-Enix and French gaming company Ankama Games. With the date of the official release recently announced, I decided that I would review this game based on my own experiences as a player during Wakfu’s Closed Beta Stages.

NOTE: I will be reviewing the setup of the game based on my game play experiences during closed beta. I will not take into account any of the bugs and other comment mishaps that occur during the beta process, as these issues are usually worked out before official release.

Wakfu is more or less a continuation of Ankama’s very successful Dofus game. The store goes that the World Of Twelve was devastated by a large catastrophe, and 1000 years later, the races once again come together to try and rebuild what is left. As such, all of the characters from Dofus return, most of them with a completely new design. Many familiar locations also return but are changed by the great floods and earthquakes that shook the world.

As far as graphics go, Wakfu is very pleasing to the eye. The scenery and locations are beautifully designed and the inclusion of weather patterns and day/night cycles is also a wonderful addition. The battle system has also been upgraded and holds an interesting feature that a player is granted all of their spells early in the game, and the strength of such spells grow as they are used. The profession system has also evolved greatly from it’s Dofu’ predecessor. Players are now allowed to hold as many professions as they want with out the need of being limited by a previous professions level before you can obtain a new one.

The New World of Twelve in Wakfu is primarily user run. All three city states in the game are controlled by a Governor which is a player elected by other users. This Governor then has control over taxes, certain resources, weather patterns and can decide whether or not to go to war with other nations. This is an interesting concept, but I have found it to be rather tiresome as it can often lead to two rival guild who are feuding with to bring in the entire nation and other players into the battle unwillingly. More often then not will a player get elected as Governor of a nation and randomly decide to go to war with everyone else just for the hell of it. If you are a member of another nation trapped in said nation when this happens, you immediately are branded as an Outlaw and Enemy of the State are free for people to attack you.  Also, with each nation having resources that are unique to that area, it can be a rather pain when you need items from a nation that is constantly at war.

Also, another thing to be noted is that one can only travel between nations with the help of the Gunpowder item which can only be created by professionals of a high level in Woodcutting, Alchemy and Farming. Gunpowder is always in high demand and can create a problem with resource depletion in a given area. Which brings me to another interesting little feature…

The Ecosystem.

As I said before, the World of Twelve in Wakfu is mostly user run. This also includes the ecosystem. If you hunt an animal, it is gone and will not come back. If you cut a tree, a new one will not grow in its place automatically. Unless a particular resource is renewed by the player, it will be depleted to the point of extinction. While this is an interesting and fascination concept for an MMORPG, it is not with out it’s problems. With the political problems that can arise from nations at war, (or even people and guilds who feel like being assholes), it is not uncommon for enemies of nation to come over, harvest all your items and then leave with out replanting them. Now that leaves you with limited supply, high demand and someone else with leverage and monopoly. Other people simply don’t care about replanting and take what they want, leaving nothing for the person who comes after. This can be very aggravating when all you wanted to do was cut a few trees and now have to spend hours replanting them just enough to get the levels back up so you can cut them safely. Gods forbid if more people come and cut more while you are trying to plant, leaving all your hard work for naught.

A third interesting factor is that enemies do not drop gold (known in Wakfu as Kamas) as in Dofus and other games. If you want currency, you have to make it yourself. That’s right, you have to go mine the ore and then mint it. 10 iron for 1 kama. This can be a very very VERY time consuming process. While this does keep prices low in the user run marketplace, prices are so low because people have to work so hard to get so little money. Half of your time playing Wakfu will be used crafting items to sell or making money to buy items you want to wear.

Last but not least, comes the last little point I would like to make. Wakfu would be a great and wonderful game that I would highly recommend if it was just not for one little flaw…

..There is no central storyline or quests.

That’s right. You read that correctly. Wakfu is just one great big giant sandbox game. While tend to highly enjoy sandbox games, Wakfu takes it to an all new level. You have no NPC quests or objectives; your objective is to simply exists. Fighting monsters, growing plants, mining ore and crafting items…that is your objective. Nothing else. After a while, you eventually get to the point were you say to yourself “What the hell am I playing this for? I’m doing the same thing over and over. I have nothing better to do.”
If Wakfu had some kind of central storyline or something that you can work towards, it would truly be a great game! Unfortunately, I don’t care to spend what little free time I have, mining ore for 1 measly kama.


  • Beautiful Graphics and Music Score.
  • Easy Interface.
  • Evolving Battle System.
  • Opportunity to have a Citizenship Rank.
  • Improved PVP Combat.


  • Drama between nations can be unsettling.
  • Currently no way to trade between characters on same account.
  • No central storyline or NPC Quests.
  • Limited Character Customizing options unlike Dofus.
  • Taking care of the ecosystem can be tiring.

Closing Remarks: The world of Wakfu is a beautiful one. If you want to immerse yourself in it, I would suggest skipping the game and watching Wakfu: The Animated Series.  You have the same stunning graphics, memorable characters; everything Wakfu the game has but also with a good storyline. Wakfu: The Animated Series is currently only available in French but plans to dub it in English are in the works. With a little hunting, you may also be able to find it on the internet with English subtitles.

EDIT: For those of you who are interested, Wakfu will be officially released on February 29th, 2012. Wakfu will be a Pay-to-Play game with VERY VERY limited access for free players. Unlike Dofus which at least gave you an opportunity to experience most of the benefits that are provided to P2P Players, Wakfu limits free players even more by hardly letting them do anything except fighting in starting areas. Currency is even unavailable.
See the benefits (or the fails) for yourself.  As far as the cost of a subscription; it is minimal so it doesn’t hurt to try out at least a month of full playing if you are interested in the game. However, I would not recommend going that long unless you are a serious fan of sandbox games or enjoy the time you have spent playing already.